“Implement a “Stevens Shark Tank” for entreprenerus in a need of both financial and business expertise assistance’

“Develop and begin implementation of a countywide parks & trails plan”

“Develop and implement a project that results in a particular gathering place for Gen X’ers”

“Develop & implement and implement an initiative that includes a career exploration program for local students, and a component that aligns academic offerings with existing and future area workforce needs”

“Develop a quality conference center that can capture the opportuniities available to the community”

By 2010 an Intergovernmental Council will ratify a Statement of Interdependence that will guide us toward greater efficiencies among our public institutions and services.

13. By 2012 we will build a stronger coalition between the University of Minnesota Morris and the region to increase enrollment to 2,100 of which 1,800 will be on-campus students.

By 2015 we will construct an outdoor Aquatics Center that will serve Stevens County and the surrounding region.

By 2015 we will invigorate our parks, lakes and trails to be the finest in western Minnesota.

By 2015 revitalization initiatives will energize our downtowns and retail centers, increasing commercial and retail sales.